Niten Ichiryu with Autograph | Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. sense

Niten Ichiryu with Autograph / Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. sense

Limited to 20 pairs with Edition Number


※Since the signature is handwritten by the writer, please note that damage may occur due to individual differences, aging deterioration and wear.

※The actual color may differ slightly depending on the computer or smartphone, but please note that we will not accept returns even in that case.

pairs remaining

Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. sense

Since 2002, he has produced numerous collaborative works in various fields such as interior and exterior mural painting, graphic design, creative production, and video production, centering on his activities as an artist and live painter, and continues to send Peace & Happiness to the world through his works.

In recent years, he has developed projects that connect various digital technologies, traditional techniques, basic psychology, and various ideas, such as the decorative prosthetic limb project: More Than Human, a 3D digital fabrication project: XSENSE, and a project that resembles a world of love: The Blue Love, etc., and is developing creatives not only from a problem-solving perspective but also from a perspective that creates various new lifestyles.