Record Weight

※A record weight (a.k.a Record puck or Record stabilizer)is a general term for a weight placed in the center of the record when listening to the record to increase the sense of stability, reduce unnecessary vibration, speed up the rise of bass, improve the playback environment to improve the treble, and improve the sound quality. As a result of comparing and verifying existing products, our stabilizers weigh around 450g, which is the most effective weight.

Crystal Diamond



The Artslipmat is a slip mat designed as a “set with 2 sheets”.
The 2 slip mats are housed in a pair of uniquely developed white  spread jackets, and when not in use, they can be housed in this jacket and enjoyed as an art work.

※A slip mat is a general term for a circular mat made of felt fabric that is laid under the record, to slide the record moderately on the rotating part of the turntable of the record player when listening to the record and to prevent scratches.

Modern Artist Series

This is a limited original series drawn by Japanese artists who are currently active.
For each pattern, a limited number of 20 sets with autographed jackets and 100 sets without autographs will be sold.

Hikari | GOMA


Classic Series

A series of original replicas of historical Japanese masterpieces. They are pieces that reproduce the ancient Japanese painting method and make the best use of the characteristics, coming as a set of 2.

Art Stickers

A large-format original art stickers drawn by artists (A3 size: 420mm x 297mm).
They will be delivered in a plastic card case so that they do not bend or curl. Also, since the mount is transparent, you can use it without needing to worry where you can put it up or not. Limited to 250 sheets for each pattern, with edition number card.